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25 September, 2020 by Peter
pornhub toys

PornHub is a name in the porn industry that needs no introduction. It is arguably one of the best sites to watch porn. But, PornHub is now looking to shift their focus from solely porn and dive into the market of sex toys.

It is quite apparent with the launch of the website of PornHub Toys. So, because of the name PornHub, since the launch the website has created a lot of buzz among sex toy buyers. But the question is, can PornHub be as good as they are when it comes to providing porn videos?

To find that out, we went to explore the site of PornHub Toys. We made some startling revelations that we would love to share with you guys. Hence, after reading this article, you will have a fair idea as to what you can expect from PornHub Toys. So, let’s begin.

The Interface of PornHub Toys

Well, the interface of PornHub Toys is sleek and simple. You will be able to watch several porn stars holding sex toys. Apart from that, you can also take a look at their wide range of sex toy products. But, the interface is not devoid of any flaw because once you see the header section menus, you will see that the option of bondage toys appears twice, once in the couples dropdown menu and the other in the menu bar. So, it is something that we saw as a flaw in the website’s interface. Other than that, the site looks really nice. But we hope more improvements will be made on the site.

The Collection of Sex Toys in PornHub Toys

pornhub toysStrokers

We won’t say that PornHub Toys have an overwhelming number of Strokers in their collection. But the ones they have looked nice.


When Angela White is holding a vibrator, you know that exciting times are coming. Well, PornHub Toys are presenting their vibrators by keeping Angela White as the face. They have a nice collection of vibrators as well.

Cock Rings

pornhub toysYou can also buy cock rings from PornHub Toys. They have a limited collection of cock rings, but the products are good, that is for sure.

Anal Toys

Well, PornHub Toys don’t have a large collection of Anal Toys. So, there is scope for huge improvement here. The ones you will see are good enough for your anal pleasure though.

BDSM and Bondage

If you are into bondage and BDSM fantasies, then PornHub has some toys that can make your fantasies come true. You will find so many types of toys for bondage fantasies in various other stores. But the ones you will find at PornHub Toys will be enough to have a good BDSM session.

The Bottom Line

Finally, PornHub Toys is relatively new in the sex toy industry. So you will have to give them time to settle down. What they did for porn videos, if they can replicate that for sex toys, then you are sure to have an exciting time ahead. But the experience we had while being on the website gave us an indication that PornHub Toys can certainly replicate their success in the sex toy industry as well.

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