Autoblow A.I. review: We came, we tested, and we came again!

autoblow hero

In case you are tired of having below par blowjobs from your partner, Autoblow can surely help you with that. We understand how important a good blowjob is to get you ready for the main action. But admit it, it’s not a cup of tea for everyone.

That is why perhaps some perverted and innovative minds had the idea of making this male masturbator. Autoblow is a superior male masturbator that can stimulate your senses expertly through helping you to replicate the blowjob sensation.

It can also adjust to your needs which it learns with the help of artificial intelligence. It studies your behaviours and adjusts the performance accordingly. You can train your stamina of holding your ejaculation and make it last longer through it’s start and stop feature.

Autoblow provides you with a comprehensive experience of blowjob. That is why perhaps the makers of Autoblow didn’t want it to have compatibility with other devices. Also, it does not have a rechargeable battery which is kind of a down point of this masturbator.

The Pros
  • Good flexibility of the canal to accommodate penises of various sizes
  • Its AI helps you to personalize the toy according to your needs
  • You can get a real blowjob experience while using it.
The Cons
  • It does not have a rechargeable battery and hence you cannot use it everywhere. You need a plug to use this male sex toy
The Verdict

Autoblow is a fantastic machine to experience accurate blowjobs. Its penis gripper is excellent and the way it stimulates senses can give a soul-satisfying orgasm.


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Gerard (32) is our nerd when it comes to the technology behind a toy. In his room you will find a lot of toys which are taken apart. We think Gerard is more excited about the technology inside the toy then the toy itself 😉