MYHIXEL Review: A Device that Claims to Help Men Last Longer in Bed!
But, Is It?


Let’s say your partner is dripping wet down the bottom. You take control of her and enter her for a nice round of sexual intercourse. And, in no time, you ejaculate. How frustrating it can be for you and your partner? More than frustration, you will feel humiliation due to premature ejaculation.

So many men around the world are facing this problem. It is a problem that needs to be addressed quickly. Yes, you have pills and all that, but they have side-effects. So, is there a natural solution to this problem without any side-effect? You need to check out MYHIXEL.

The male masturbation toys that you have seen so far are all targeted towards pleasure. None of them focuses on how to make you last longer in bed. However, MYHIXEL is unique. It is not only a masturbation device but also a natural and scientific solution for your premature ejaculation problem. Also, who doesn’t want to last longer in bed?

So, how good is MYHIXEL? How to operate this sexual life-altering device? Here is a review of MYHIXEL that will tell you whether you should get this device or not.


Before knowing why you should get it, here is a brief overview of the device. MYHIXEL combination of two things; one is the MYHIXEL Play App and the other is the MYHIXEL I device.


It is designed to give pleasure to men. MYHIXEL I is the device for male masturbation. But, the device is crafted so uniquely that it will help in climax control as well. Here are some of the features of MYHIXEL I device;


  • Therapeutic vibrating patterns for ejaculation
  • Anatomic canal for self-pleasure
  • Self-heating mode to emulate body heat
  • Magnetic charging with lithium battery
  • Made with non-toxic and anti-allergic high-quality material
  • Water-resistant and very easy to clean



You can say that this App is the central nervous system of MYHIXEL. Through this app, you will find various challenges, games, and other stimulations through which you will control your climax. Also, you will be able to track your progress in controlling premature ejaculation. There are two modes of this MYHIXEL Play App;

  • MYHIXEL MED: For men who ejaculate within under three minutes and want to last longer by controlling their climax. You will also have an online consultation with experts to improve your condition.
  • MYHIXEL TR: For men who struggle with premature ejaculation sometimes due to stress and anxiety. You can have more control over your ejaculation and last longer in bed. It will be ideal for partner or solo play.

What Makes MYHIXEL So Unique?

Whenever you hear about a sex toy or a masturbator, the first thing that comes to your mind is the pleasure. Previously, sex toys were a thing for women. But, when we started seeing the emergence of male sex toys, they did not address a prevalent problem in men’s sex life. That is climax control. MYHIXEL is a great natural solution to this problem and their challenges are unique and interesting. This combination of gaming with therapy and pleasure make MYHIXEL such a collector’s item.

The Pros
  • A smart treatment of premature ejaculation
  • FDA approved method to treat premature ejaculation
  • Fun challenges and programs for climax control
  • A fantastic device to give enhanced sexual pleasure
The Cons
  • Cannot watch VR Porn while masturbating
  • Solely focussed on climax control
The Final Verdict

Finally, every man wants to last longer in bed. So, if you are one of them who has this problem of premature ejaculation, MYHIXEL is what you need. Also, with MYHIXEL, you can have climax control which is great for every man. So, it is a device that is highly recommended if you want to enhance your sex life and enjoy sex with your partner like never before.

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