KEON by KIIROO: By far the best new exciting toy we have ever tested!

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When it comes to interactive toys for a man’s self-pleasure, KIIROO is certainly setting the bar high. With the launch of KEON, KIIROO has taken the entire concept of interactive self-pleasure to the very next level. KIIROO is striving to make your fapping more pleasurable than ever.

According to KIIROO, KEON will be the most powerful male sex toy that will give you pleasure with the help of automation technology. It is deemed to be the future of masturbation for men. Now, you will be wondering what is so special about this male masturbator.

Actually, there are multiple male masturbators available in the market. However, you will rarely find a masturbator that can produce such a buzz since its launch. So, there will be some unique points about this masturbator which makes it so very special. Here are such special points.

See and Feel the Action Happening

When you are watching erotic action on the screen, you can feel it mentally but not physically which makes your self-pleasure partial. However, now with KEON, you will be able to feel that pleasure physically and in real-time.

Compatible with Multiple VR Adult Sites

One of the special and best things about KEON is it's compatible with multiple adult sites that serve VR porn. You will have a great experience exploring multiple ranges of erotic videos and feel them physically as you watch them.

Special Texture for Extra Pleasure

KIIROO has ensured that the pleasure you find inside KEON is out of this world. That is why they have designed the internal structure of KEON with spiral ridges that will give you extreme pleasure as you slide your manhood into KEON.

Unique Specialties of KEON by KIIROO

Brilliant Design

The interactive male masturbators of the past were heavy and bulky. So, KIIROO has made sure that KEON’s design is nowhere near to those masturbators. Its ergonomic design will certainly make you pleased once you take a look at it.

Speed Control

You would want to make sure that speed control in a male masturbator is easy so that you can personalize your pleasure seamlessly. Well, KIIROO has made that sure with KEON by making the tactile buttons as easy as it can get for using.

Lighting System

The lighting system of KEON is really exciting and it responds to your commands. Also, these LED lights enhance the design of the device.

Superior Comfort

The ultimate goal of any masturbator is to provide you with a comfortable and pleasing experience of masturbation. KEON has everything that can give you an amazing time while masturbating.

The Bottom Line

Finally, KEON by KIIROO is one male masturbator that you should definitely look to buy if you are looking to take your self-pleasure to a whole new level. You can feel rest assured that this powerful but effective design will enhance your self-pleasure like no other interactive male masturbator.

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