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quickshot launch

You will find few sex toys in the market that can actually live up to its name. Quickshot Launch is certainly one of those devices. If you want to have your penis emptied quickly, this is the device you need to have in your sex toy closet.

Its speed of stroking the penis can rise to 250 strokes every minute. This device is also made by the same brand which created the first Launch masturbator. It is an open-ended and transparent design that allows you to clean the device up after using it easily.

You can start this device by using your smartphone and you can control its speed manually. Therefore, you can increase or decrease the number of strokes to allow getting off at your will. Thus, you will be the one who will be in control always while using the Quickshot Launch.

The Pros
  • The device has the fastest penis stroke speed in the sex toy industry
  • Easy to control the speed of the strokes with manual control
  • With an open-ended and transparent design, the device is very easy to clean
The Cons
  • This device is only compatible with QS masturbator irrespective of the texture of the model
The Verdict

If you are that dude who wants to empty his balls by watching the largest porn library in the world online, then Quickshot Launch is a wise choice. You will have the experience of masturbating non-stop with extraordinary visuals.


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