Roto-Bator Mouth Review.

roto-bator pipedream

Developed by one of the top brands for sex toys, Pipedream, Rotobator Mouth is one of the more innovative sex toys that you will find. Most of the sex toys that you use are made with the mechanisms of pumping, squeezing or stroking your penis in mind.

However, this Rotobator Mouth is a very powerful male masturbator. Therefore, it ensures you get superlative sensations that will make you cum harder. The rotation of Rotobator Mouth ensures you get a comprehensive experience of masturbating.

roto-bator pipedreamFrankly, it will emulate the experience of your dick in the mouth of a hot chick quite efficiently. Also, you will be getting an LED colour display which will be changing its colour with each and every change on the pattern of movement.

Another wonderful thing about Rotobator Mouth is that you have the option to control the rotation and overall function of the toy. You need 2 hours approximately to charge Rotobator Mouth and it can run for around 90 minutes for each session.

Comparatively, its battery life is way better than other male masturbators. Therefore, if you want a masturbator that will have long battery life for each session, then this is probably one of the best sex toys that can give a comprehensive experience of masturbating.

The Pros
  • Rotobator Mouth’s rotation ensures you have the comprehensive experience of masturbating
  • Long battery life ensuring seamless pleasure without taking a break
  • Seamlessly control the rotation and function of the sex toy
The Cons
  • The design of the Rotobator Mouth could have been a bit better if you compare it with other devices.
The Verdict

It is a wonderful sex toy for getting you off for sure. If you are one of those looking for the best orgasm of your life, Rotobator Mouth can give you a complete experience of that.


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