TENGA Zero Flip review.

tenga flip zero

When you have a sex toy referred to as ‘the iPhone of male sex toys,’ you would surely want to check it out. The TENGA Zero Flip is that device which has some of the most high-tech features to get you off easily. This device has a wonderful hinge which accommodates penises of various sizes.

tenga flip zeroSo, men who are suffering from Peyronie’s disease or erectile dysfunction can use this device for good. Now, the device is very easy to use and clean. You will find many devices in the market that needs some sort of chemicals to clean it up properly.

But this device does not need such things. Apart from this, another good thing about this male masturbator is that it is rechargeable. So you don’t have to keep buying batteries to help you in jerking off. You can use this device in the shower as well.

However, you have to be cautious that the stand for charging is not waterproof. So, don’t damage it by keeping it in the water. Otherwise, it is a very nice sex toy that can be helpful to fulfil your sexual needs and give your pleasurable orgasms.

The Pros
  • You can use this device in the water to have some wet fun
  • Easy to clean up your mess without using any chemical
  • The rechargeable battery will go on for close to 45 minutes
The Cons
  • It can make the slurping sounds that you generally get while fucking. It may be good to give sensations to your imagination, but for discretion, it will be the last thing you need.
The Verdict

We believe that by using TENGA Zero Flip, most men around the world will experience pleasurable orgasms. So, it can be a decent choice as a male masturbator.


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