The Lelo F1 Review: If you like it underneath the shower: this is it.

lelo f1

Whether you accept it or not, we men like to customize things. The things we cannot customize or personalize, we wish we could. That is why we think maybe our partners could have boobs or pussies like our favourite porn stars. The LELO F1s is one sex toy that men can customize.

LELO is a very popular name in the sex toy industry. Its F1s device has the type of software that will help you to personalize your masturbating experience with their smartphone application. But the best thing about the LELO F1s is that it is a waterproof device.

lelo f1So, perhaps you get an urge to use this device under your shower, you can take it inside the bathroom without any second thoughts. Also, you will see that the device is very much lightweight. But that does not mean that it is not durable. Its durability is quite exceptional.

Around the canal section of this device you will have 10 sensors going to and fro. Therefore, you will be having and pleasurable experience covering 360 degrees of your penis. It has an in-built lithium-ion battery which you can recharge easily.

The Pros
  • A fully waterproof device allowing you to have fun even inside water
  • Customize the toy according to your personal sexual needs
  • 10 sensors in the canal giving you the complete pleasure of 360 degrees
The Cons
  • The LELO F1s DK has the length of 4.5 inches that you can insert and thus, it will not be the ideal choice for guys with long dicks.
The Verdict

A good product with powerful features, the LELO F1s will give you a personalised and stunning experience of masturbation. And so, it can be a decent investment for you.


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